Sunday, August 30, 2009

September Sisters...

One of the greatest projects I have ever embarked on was a month long self-imposed class I took on Scrapbooking "the every single days" in September. I took the class with many other artists/scrapbookers and we called it "September Sisters".

I was overwhelmed
with what to write/journal/photograph. I was a freaky perfectionist and stayed up too late to get things re-done, and I was obsessed with making sure I followed through...every day.

When September ended, it was a relief...but it turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done *creatively* (mentally & spiritually).

By the end of the month long observance - I was more "real" and honest with myself. As a wife/mother/girl, I felt like I shared things I hadn't shared before (some that needed to be shared), and as an artist I grew exponentially. I was less afraid of taking risks, better at tuning out that naggy inner critic, and finding ways of dealing with perfectionist tendencies that I collect.

It was life changing and I loved it.

I want to do it again... This September I have embarked on a class called ME: the abridged version.

It is a great scrap class loosely based on this book. Each letter-entry is focused on pulling out little bits of daily life--hence a personal encyclopedia. It is sort of a culmination of a personal existence in topical form? (Does that make any sense?) The writer of the referenced book is Anne Krouse Rosenthal, she is a wildly funny, shockingly honest and a funky writer (about my age so it is all crazy-relevant).

This class looked cool, is heavy on writing, and is a beginner course in Photoshop. Score.

Anything Cathy Zielske does is a riot and she is a great teacher, her blog here. I typically take a few online classes a year, and I usually love something about each one. For this class, it is the writing energy & photojournaling - a lot like mini blog posts?

I will share bits of this project as I get farther along, I have only written out K's and L's.

What a great book for my 40th year. Me: abridged. Ha!

PS*If you are a September Sister...((hugs)) to you this divine month!!!


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