Saturday, August 1, 2009

i {heart} NYC

{nyc on my mind}

I am putting the pages together for my latest yummy project. I am always so thrilled when finished things come together. It's like the best gift to give yourself, completion...(10 years in the making, it feels really good).

Actually, this project was one of the hardest for me to think through. First, I had way too many pictures/memories in all different times - with different people - all in the same city.
And, I wanted to make it all work in one book, how do you do that?

I decided to base it loosely on a gardening book I found.

The book had very simple and beautiful chapter headings. You know, like chapters in a book that hold topical or specific storyline pieces all together. It made for a great format for me mentally.

So, my scrapbook isn't chronological at all, it is just a book of short stories that I want to tell and it is so easy to add to. I just write out my memory, add my pictures and fit it squarely in its home. I even used multiple sizes of pages depending on the pictures & the words. I also am using my latest favorite format, the 6 x 12 pages. They are so tall and easy for me to design.

I have spent the last 10 years visiting this beautiful/wild/spiritual/chaotic/poetic city and I can't seem to get enough. Every trip I take seems to only create the next trip?!

I am headed back to the city in 6 days for another grand adventure with my senior son, Ben, and 3 of our favorite friends. I am so excited to see what we are in for...Perhaps a brand new chapter for my book?

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