Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Some trips take a bit longer to process, to think through and digest before I can begin to write about them. This is definitely one of those. A trip like this was so busy and fun, each day overfilled with something new that our desert dwelling eyes haven't experienced. It was a sensory treat for us in every way. The boys adored the time to just play, to be free with nature. Perfect for them, this is one of those delightful places, shared with us by Matt and Sarah. {Sequim}

pics in order:
0.1 a line of thoughtfully chosen rocks for me to love, gifts from Josh's big heart and little fingers
* * *
0.2 d. on the beach playing an illegal game of Frisbee
0.3 my favorite pic of Cristi ~she is such a beautiful mum
0.4 the entire clan (even Alan) in the cold pacific, Olympic peninsula in the background
* * *
0.5 Ben and Michael - showing off the truly Jacobsen physique :o)
0.6 My cowboy looking at me over Sarah's shoulder...love that hat...
* * *
0.7 boys studying the map of Sequim and the Spit (?)
0.8 Daniel on the trail
0.9 lovely {heart} rocks from Anna...thank you.
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