Friday, July 10, 2009


(looking up & down - in wonder of this contraption, what is a space needle?)

(Pete and Ben scoping out the city)

A great highlight of the trip was the beautiful and very adventurous late lunch up top the great city of Seattle. It really looks like a space ship from the ground, but up here, it is captivating to see everything. The food was excellent, and the boys enjoyed every drop and crumb. I loved watching their faces and seeing all the family's been a long time.

(Deciding if it was okay that we were so high and spinning while trying to eat food? This is the little boy that just days earlier lost his lunch on a ferris wheel...hmmm...)

Grandma introducing the newest sweet-pea Lucia
A perfect place for all the cousins to finally meet & eat. No one stayed in their seats (the poor wait staff) parents chasing around & 16 children all over the place -at least it was a contained space?
Peter and Sarah sitting on the supports waiting for the elevators...cute sandals Sarah :o)
And then the great chase begins...on to the ferry!!!
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