Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the "RRR" list (or list of creative fetishes)

I love lists...

I am currently enrolled in an online class with a very green name: "Re-purpose, Re-think, Re-invent". I thought it would help me use my stash of creative ephemera that I love to collect and hopefully curb my incessant need to buy more scrapbook materials? Ha.

So far I love this class - a Big Picture Scrapbooking workshop. Jenni Bowlin is a gifted artist with the ability to look at old things and make them into something new/beautiful/useful. Last week she turned a beautiful antique silver fork into a lovely little easel - how about that for a reworking an old treasure?

Anyway, I am sure I will be posting more projects that I am working on, but today is all about the list.

As Bowlin reminded me, everyone is creatively hardwired differently. It is easy to see when I shop with a friend and I am drawn to completely different choices in what I look at or pick out or when I am involved in creative projects with friends/family and we take the same themed project and tackle it completely differently.

I always am amazed by others creative choices and it would sometimes block my ability to create because I would want to be more like them - their style, their eye, their ability to put things together.

I am learning now to appreciate my own choices, my own eye, and not be threatened so much by others beautiful style as I grow into my own defined style.

For a long time I felt as though I didn't know what I liked. But, the more I focused on what I always went to and always used it all started to make sense. This was a drawn out product of listening to Ali Edwards - purposely focusing on what I bought & used.

I realize that my creative style is much more simple and concept focused. This has made all the difference in how I move forward.

I am a _____________ minimalist. (i am looking for the perfect descriptive word...hmmm...)

With that in mind...
Here we go, the list today is about creative triggers/fetishes. These are the things that I love and would always be drawn to in a store, flea market, or in my own personal stash. I am sure it will change over time ~ but this is the list right now.

I have a creative fetish for:
01 old typewriter fonts/stamps
02 old painted items ~ if the paint is peeling off
03 old bibles or pages of verses from old bibles
04 french laundry bags or old flour sacks
05 bits of stitching on things (i love to sew)
06 planting, collecting, taking pics of old fashioned perennial flowers
07 anything having to do with goats, sheep, cows, and barns
08 rusty metal things that look like they could be used for something else?
09 anything painted or sewn in a real blue
10 nests/birds/eggs
11 twigs and branches (anything organic, nature is perfect beauty)
12 pots, cups, and tiny little baskets to put things in
13 vintage material (especially if bound in quarters)
14 journaling scraps - bits of old lined papers
15 simple stamps and inks
16 watercolors
17 heart shaped things
18 simple silver jewelry, especially little charms
19 old clay pots
20 WORDS, especially holy words...

What are your creative fetishes?
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