Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday frenzy...

Yes, that is me...a bit of a frenzy.

The day starts out with fishing. A perfect fishing trip I would like to say, with everyone starting out happy and excited and ending with everyone happy, excited, and tired.

Yes. Grandma and Grandpa did well with this one...Bravo!

I decide to download pics quickly before a shower (and the pics are great - but a wee bit overexposed) so I take way-to-long on tweaking them, and see that my scrap space blew into a frightening mess (literally, the fan was on) and needed to be picked up.

I finally cleaned up and was throwing the newspaper in the bin, when I saw the Art Festival ads, which now leads to me to looking for hotel in Park City. Logical deduction, right? I call the fav Park City Resort, tell the person "I am planning a sister scrap (scrapbook) retreat in October," and the girl on the phone was from Tennessee and loves to scrap and wants to come, so I invite her, of course. Then...

That gets me thinking about one of my new fave friends Karla (probably the Tennessee accent?)

Karla, a delight of a girl, is helping me with *my blog* and my serious learning curve in the whole techie world. She is so patient with me...Our last conversation about my "wants" for my little blog are all over the place, but she listens and laughs and listens more. That is a real friend.

So instead of finishing anything I should have done today (keeping to the end-of-week list), I decide I really should help her find some funky-fun sketches I had in mind/or had seen somewhere and came across this yummy stuff (scroll down for the tasties).

Now, I have completely left the organized to-do list, but it is okay...I am incredibly skilled at being frenetic...and it's Friday. It's all good.

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