Tuesday, June 2, 2009

(soapy heart in my kitchen sink)
Wait a Holy minute...

I could feel the anxiety rising this morning as I woke to another HUGE sink full of dishes. OMH, why me? I am lost as to why in this life I have to keep doing the same-same-same mundane things. I don't like same. I don't like mundane. I don't like you dishes.

I am obedient however (my *one word* study this week). I know I have to do it, no one else is here. So, the hot water fills in the sink. The bubbles rise up. A lone hummingbird comes right up to the window and stares in at me - mrs. old grump face - and flits away. The bird doesn't have to do mundane. Errgh.

I start on the stack, each plate/bowl/spoon is scrubbed (rather harshly) and rinsed. With each washed item my heart rate is slowing. The loud noise in my head is floating away and everything is quiet. Just me, my breath, the scrub and then the rinse...quiet. I am thinking about family that I miss right now and what I read last night.

I can feel the hot water massaging my aching fingers and I am humming. Lost in this thing I call mundane...Hummm....

I am not sure now why I hated this?

Do I miss out on precious quiet because I think I have a hyper-speed to maintain? An invisible and long list to check off? God, do I feel like I have to go faster than you? Do I try to race you to the end of the day so I can have time with you?

Why can't I remember that we are in this thing together?

That it is your hands moving mine today.

Your heart slowing mine.

Your sweet creation peeking at me outside my window, your little humming-bird.

I am ready for Your day today...

freshly scrubbed in bubbles of your Holy water.

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