Monday, June 1, 2009


the one word study
june 1-6

{All year long I have been led to follow a bible study based on a single word. Anyone that knows me, knows how much i love the idea of a divine word. I have taught bible studies on the idea that God relates to us and teaches us through simple means...often more simple than we expect. The goal of this simple word study is intimacy, to get so wrapped up in what God is doing in my life that I can feel HIS touch, hear HIS voice, and be overwhelmed with HIS personal passion...for me. Sound good?

Obviously, this study lights me up. I'm just that kind of girl, the kind that can spend weeks fixated on the simple concepts of "fallow ground" and "holy dirt"...okay, laugh now...but you might just love this kind of study, too!

I didn't come up with the list on my own, I borrowed the bones of it from a fellow word-loving blogger. She had a list she had used last year for a similar study. I just flipped it over and tried it. It is easy to use and easy to jump into.

I would invite anyone to invest in a God-study that they can be passionate about...whether it is a word/topic/question that come to mind, learning the names of God, spending prayerful time in His creation or learning how to simply be still and rest in HIM. The end result is the same...a closer relationship with the One the first loved us...and... He promises to reward those that seek hard after Him (and He knows how much I love chocolate and adventure)}

Blessings to you in your studies...

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