Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is finally feeling like summer & so the list is forming of summer-delights:
(i love lists)

wake up with a psalm in my heart and on my lips

grab time with D and the boys (not wish a minute of it away)
step out of my daily routine and experience summer

find a way to love weeding (need a good mantra/verse/cognitive shift)
take long bike rides with boys
plant the beans and pumpkins (don't forget)

love the flowers - spend time in them
figure out how to use my lemon balm, comfrey, and hops

really *see* with my 50mm...get into my subject and focus on the things that matter to me

embrace simple meals
take advantage of what each day brings (don't be set on something concrete & miss the real fun)

share time with Christian missionaries/pilgrims, hear every beautiful story & write them down
share photos with parents & spend time with each of them
initiate change in my volunteer work - set limits on me
let go of unnecessary

sit outside with boys at night and watch bats
fish with kids & Grandpa

remember my 40 things before 40...shoot, I need to look at the list again.
put words to paper, let the "word" bible study speak out loud and journal things visually

keep a clean slate with family and friends - apologize and love with a whole heart
spend time with my neighbors...pray for them often

find out about delightful "girl" places to stay in Italy - anyone want to join me?
pack for multiple trips and love every one of them
try to not drive around town, live life on bikes this summer?

love imperfection...see the process more and let go of perfection (it is an illusion anyway)


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