Saturday, June 6, 2009

Adventure with boys
(park city, Utah)

Traveling anytime as a family is always a bit tricky. Babies and toddlers are always hard, but you can pick them up and move them if needed and they go to bed.

Now with 2 very active boys and 2 teenagers, we have evolved into this whole new thing. Boys who are having to have their own ideas/money/"places to be" and seemingly don't ever need sleep until you try to wake them up at 11am.

I think this is much harder!

I am definitely thinking through how this summer will be different. Ben is driving and taking summer college classes, Pete is all about being on his own and doing more grown up things and the two little boys are all about getting into whatever new fun is coming up next - and I am rushing to keep up (can you hear me breathing hard?)

But, I love my life's job as a mother...right?

To be simple our trip went like this..

[4 boys + 2 parents x 7 days (7,200 elevation) ] + mini-trips home and PTA meetings (Starbucks x 3) , then... 20 daily trips on the elevator (swim+hike+ping pong+tennis+ chess) + really good food at Squatters - any real rest at all = fun?!

With pics as the storyboard, this was the week...


This is the look of..."Mom, I just need one more dollar...pleeeeease"

Arguably, the biggest laughs of the with Joe

all smiles...what are you up to???

The most time consuming aspect of the trip. Hours and hours spent right here.

I believe he is explaining how they just skirted death on the newer ski hill roller coaster.

Thanks Mom for the pics with my boys!

On the trail or on at the pool, it's Joshe.

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